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Payroll Loan 30% for Retirees




With the INSS payroll loan, retirees and pensioners can use a margin of 30% of the income to commit to direct deduction credit on the INSS benefit. Since the Payroll was launched, the CNPS (National Social Security Council) has taken a number of important decisions to conduct operations in the best possible way.

This time, the CNPS decided that all beneficiaries and insured persons of INSS (National Institute of National Insurance) have the right to use up to 30% of the margin for consignment of the discounts of installments in the income received in the pensions and pensions arising from transactions made through payroll loan .

The payroll loan for retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of the INSS offers excellent conditions and advantages and one of the best interest rates in the financial segment, is very attractive, the operation is also one of the most uncomplicated for concession. Some sectors call the Generic Payroll Credit operation.


What types of loans and loans to beneficiaries


What types of loans and loans to beneficiaries


The INSS beneficiaries now have some options for acquiring a cash loan or plastic credit.

1 -) They can make the consigned loan in the sheet , solicitation of money;
2 -) They can obtain consigned credit card, 10% of the margin;
3 -) They can make the direct loan in the bank where they receive the benefit;
5 -) They can make the loan in any bank or financial in Brazil;
6 -) You do not need to be an account holder to apply for the payroll loan ;
7 -) The payroll is made with discounted in the current account (banking maneuver);
8 -) The loan can be made by relatives or friends of the insured of the INSS (power of attorney).

It is not just the retail banks that can offer this mode of credit. In all, there are more than 57 banks, associations and credit unions authorized by the INSS that are operating with payroll, interest rates are limited to 2.34% per month.

The major national banks announced a reduction in the “interest rate of the INSS payroll loan” in recent months, in Banco do Brasil, the payroll is offered with interest from 0.79% per month, in the Federal Savings Bank interest starts at 0.75% to 1.77% per month, at Itaú, ranging from 0.89% to 2.2%, and Bradesco from 0.90% to 0.79% per month. The payroll loan rates at the BMG bank are also attractive, worth checking out.


Most attractive rates


Most attractive rates


Payroll loans are lines of credit whose installments are directly discounted from the payroll of the contractors. Therefore, the risk of delinquency in the operation is much lower, with the result that financial institutions charge lower interest rates in relation to the other interest rates practiced in the market in traditional personal credit lines.

Note : During the 15 months that the INSS beneficiaries could only commit up to 20% of the allowable margin on the traditional payroll loan, there was migration to more expensive credit options and bank financing. This new possibility of committing a margin of 30% of the income for the granting of Payroll Loans will help the retiree and the pensioner take this extra financial resource to make the discharge of more expensive debts.


Credit Card Consignment for Retired


Credit Card Consignment for Retired


Although available to the retiree of the INSS, they do not have the custom of using the “Credit Card Consigned”. Before there was a limitation and there was no possibility of withdrawing cash, the Card had to be used directly in the stores, such as a conventional Credit Card, now the INSS beneficiary can also withdraw the money from the account and use where it is well understand and pay in installments or the invoice total.

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