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Look at our real online loans for bad credit!


The cash advance of the merchant is not a loan, it is rather a source of income anticipated by the number of sales by credit and debit card that your business will do in the future.

In a cash advance, your business agrees to pay the money daily or weekly using a fixed percentage of all the income it receives for credit and debit card payments. These payments are usually automatically withdrawn from your business bank account.

A cash advance is a quick way to obtain funds, since filling the application does not take much time and you can deposit the funds in at least two days. It is also ideal for new businesses, businesses with bad credit, businesses that have little or no guarantor, or that do not want to risk their assets to get fast money.

However, these amenities make cash advancement the most expensive financial option. The companies that provide these services measure their fees by factor rate and not by interest rate, and in order, they are the highest of all the financial options.

You should be aware that a very high factor rate can seriously hurt your flow of funds.

For this reason, you should only take a cash advance in case of a very urgent need and you know that you can pay the money in a short time.

The average time it takes to pay a cash advance is eight to nine months, but the minimum can last four months as long as it can last 18. That depends on how your business is doing during that time: if you earn a lot you pay more and get out of the faster loan and if you earn little you pay less.

Another disadvantage is that the cash advance is not regulated by the Federal government because it is not considered a loan, but a commercial transaction

Just like an interest rate, the factor rate measures the fee you have to pay to part of the money you already owe.

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