Commercial Lending And Payday Loans: What Are The Differences?


Lines of commercial credit and commercial loans. Every business starts with big dreams, these dreams usually need to be fed by money and this money almost always has to be financed by small or large amounts of money, either through personal credit, loans or private or private financing.

Whether you are a business owner who manages a small business or is a mid-sized business entrepreneur struggling to become great, no matter, a specificity the two have in common, can access commercial loans and commercial lines of credit to start or expand their Business.

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Commercial credit and commercial loan lines


It seems to be foolish but knowing the difference between a commercial loan and commercial lines of credit is essentially important for the entrepreneur or entrepreneur to distinguish in which they can rely on when they need to capture credit and working capital to move their company on the mission of growing and expand.

How will you fund the launch of a product of your company ? How will you pay the fixed accounts and the thirteenth salary of the employees at the end of the year? And the holidays start each year? If you have the financial resources left over, touching the business is by far the easy way out.

It is worth mentioning that most new businesses must borrow money, seek outside investors or both to meet their money financing and working capital needs. Weigh the potential risks and benefits of each approach carefully before placing your own equity, issuing equity or taking on long debts.

The typical sources of commercial loans and commercial credit lines range from formal to informal to institutional, in Brazil today there are plenty of alternatives to getting money for companies and starting new businesses.


Listed below are four differences between credit lines and commercial loans:


1. Access to funds and financial resources

1. Access to funds and financial resources


With a commercial loan, the funds are paid as a single deposit of the amount into your account once completed. With a business credit line, you can access the funds as needed, up to a predetermined amount, pay the balance and re-use the funds again as needed, all without having to reapply or make new and new requests.


2. Use of funds and credit released


2. Use of funds and credit released

A business loan is a single cash infusion for a fixed amount and usually for a specific purpose, such as buying a vehicle, acquiring machinery or renovating a place. Loans generally have fixed terms of 12 to 72 months or more, depending on the type of loan and the lender.

A line of business credit is a revolving credit option in which funds can be used for most business opportunities, such as paying continuous inventory, payroll, seasonal expenses or unexpected business opportunities.

3. Interest rates and conditions

3. Interest rates and conditions

With commercial loans, the interest rate are usually fixed, but variable rate loans are also widely available in the credit market.

With a business credit line for business, the interest rate is variable and is calculated as a margin added to a specific interest rate, but it is clear that just like the loans, in many lines of credit the interest and conditions are different by a number of factors.

4. Deadlines and monthly payments


With commercial loans applying fixed interest rates, the monthly payments are fixed amount and begin to be counted when the contract is signed and the funds are released into the account of the contractor. These monthly payments are predictable and continuous until the loan paid in full (settled).

With a line of credit, the monthly payments are based on the variable interest rate and the amount you lend and depending on the line that term may have shortage to start the repayment payments and are short, medium and long term.

Need Loan or Commercial Lines of Credit?

Need Loan or Commercial Lines of Credit?

Is your company in need of a loan? Access to Rapidoo online factoring, the anticipated P & L receivables, the advance credit for companies and anticipation of receivables, the ISF credit-oriented – how does it work and how do? You can also have benefits with credit unions with special loans, also access here the portal the page on online alternatives of lending platforms for companies

All these companies analyze the risks of the creditor, in addition to the debtor, to offer more attractive rates and even with problems in the protection organs do not prevent the release of resources.

Other alternatives to obtain financing, working capital and credit for companies with differentiated facilities are found in platforms such as:

  • Nexoos – Peer to Peer Lending for businesses
  • Kavod lending – online and corporate loan for companies
  • Tutudigital – peer-to-peer loan P2P for small businesses
  • FINEP – credit programs for medium and small enterprises
  • BancaClub – loans for entrepreneurs P2P (peer to peer)
  • Mutual – loan for people and for investors
  • Biva – commercial loan for new companies

And businessman and wants to take personal loan but is restricted or is negative, it is worth comparing in Simplic, MoneyMan, Lendico, Geru, Creditas, Crefisa Digital and also in Credisfera.

Good luck!

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